Our Story

Fourth Avenue Real Estate is a group of realtors who are passionate about helping families find their "dream home". When passion is transformed into work Fourth Avenue Real Estate was formed. Fourth Avenue is known for its excellence in customer service to its buyers, sellers, and customers who want to be educated regarding the real-estate market.
Fourth Avenue's approach is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple. We recognize that the common thread in each and every real estate transaction is a client with similar needs: exceptional customer service, transparency of information, neighborhood expertise and professional guidance through the process. Fourth Avenue embraces these needs and works diligently to cater to them on every level of our business.

Our Mission

Fourth Avenue Real Estate is dedicated to serving the real estate needs of our clients with the utmost professionalism, quality customer service and unfailing attention to detail. At Fourth Avenue, it is our goal to represent and serve clients with excellence, professionalism, honesty, and with the clients' best interests at heart.

Our Values






Our Establishment

There's power in having over 10 years worth of roots in the community. While our competitors were folding up during the Great Recession, Fourth Avenue was busy consolidating it's stronghold in the local market. In 2012, Fourth Avenue got an infusion of more than 12 agents from Coldwell Banker. The duo power team of seasoned owners and brokers, Nick Sebastiano and Raj Mirchandani, along with their experienced agents joined Fourth Avenue which mad our presence in the community stronger. Together, they all bring a combined experience of more than 50 years and thousands of successfully closed transactions in commercial and residential real estate. Our strong market presence equals experience and success for our customers and has made us Queens and Long Island's premiere independent real estate company.


Because people usually buy homes from people they know, we've made relationships a top priority. Fourth Avenue's agents and their families live and work in the areas that we cover and our participation in the community creates a natural referral network. We know who is buying, who is selling and even who is thinking of buying and selling.


We've grown at a pace that's large enough to offer state-of-the-art services, but small enough to be personal. We design our technology around the needs of our agents and customers. Our view is that better technology helps to facilitate better communication and we'll never let it replace personal service.


Fourth Avenue's agents and staff understand that our business is about building and maintaining relationships and as a result, we've fostered a company culture that assures that every customer has a rewarding experience.